Samples of work for Commercial Real Estate & Consumer Retail

All images are samples of previous design work and not intended to represent current listings or promotions. 

In Common

Ad for Austin Book of Lists for Commercial Real Estate Company. (2008)

Summer Stylewatch

Email for Memorial Day Sale (2013) - Retail

Parkway Center

Special event marketing materials for real estate open house event. (2008)

Colors of Opal

Banner Graphic for Retail Jewelry Company. (2013)

Pitch Presentation

PowerPoint presentation for international real estate client. (2011)

Now's the Time Campaign

Email graphic and website for campaign to urge tenants to buy occupied leases. (2011)

Last Chance

Banners for Liquidation Channel's Mother's Day Sale. (2015)

Tenant Representation Interactive Presentation

Customizable, interactive presentation created for Tenant Representation groups. (Awarded 2010 Golden Teammate Award for C. Currillo and S. Grounds)

Back To School Sale

Web banner for Liquidation Channel's Back to School Sale. (2013)

Large Format Pitch Samples

Various Examples of Larger Format Pitch Presentation Materials

Envelope for Fall Mailing

Labor Day/Fall Envelope design for direct mail campaign. (2013)

Tanzanite Treats

Web Banner for Tanzanite Smackdown Sale. (2014)

Shannon Grounds is a creative marketing professional and graphic designer in Austin, Texas, specializing in program management, branding, creative direction, and campaign development across multiple platforms.

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