About me

I'm a creative marketing professional with 10+ years experience developing and managing marketing programs for both the commercial and non-profit sectors. My core competencies include marketing strategy, creative direction, strategic partnerships, branding, graphic/web design, copywriting, social media and project management. 


I am the Producing Artistic and Marketing Director for Shrewd Productions, a local, award-winning theatre company.  I also provide marketing and design services on a contract/freelance basis.  Previously, I served as the Affiliate Program Manager for Liquidation Channel, a home shopping channel and online retailer specializing in jewelry and accessories.  In my spare time, I co-author BustleAndVim.com, a humor and lifestyle blog that I run with my partner in Houston.

Earlier career experience includes lead marketing positions with Commemorative Brands and CBRE, Inc., where I oversaw all digital marketing efforts for Central Texas, and serving as the Marketing Director for FronteraFest for four years. 


Shannon Grounds is a creative marketing professional and graphic designer in Austin, Texas, specializing in program management, branding, creative direction, and campaign development across multiple platforms.

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