Samples of work for Performing Arts Organizations


Poster design for Alabaster, presented by Shrewd Productions. (2020)

Fun Home

Poster for Fun Home, presented by Ground Floor Theatre. (2019)

Midsummer in Motion

Poster design by Midsummer in Motion, presented by Austin Bike Zoo. (2012)

The Dragon Play

Poster design for The Dragon Play, presented by Shrewd Productions. (2012)

Dex and Abby

Poster design by Dex & Abby, presented by Ground Floor Theatre. (2019)

Still Now

Postcard front for Still Now, presented by Shrewd Productions. (2014)

White Rabbit

Poster Design by White Rabbit Red Rabbit, presented by Ground Floor Theatre. (2018)

Lady M

Postcard front for Lady Macbeth and Her Pal, Megan, presented by Shrewd Productions. (2019)


Program ad for Glassheart, presented by Shrewd Productions. (2013)

This Uh...Body

Poster design for Austin Mime Theatre.

January 16

Poster for the The Night of January 16th, presented by Austin Shakespeare.

Kidnapped by Craigslist

Poster for Kidnapped by Craigslist, presented by Shrewd Productions.


Logo design for Shrewd Productions


Flyer design for Austin Shakespeare.

Shannon Grounds is a creative marketing professional and graphic designer in Austin, Texas, specializing in program management, branding, creative direction, and campaign development across multiple platforms.

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